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Scientist E, , Hydrological Processes (HyP)

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Research Papers (in refereed Journals):Peer Reviewd Journals:

  1. An assessment of change in vegetation density to estimate landscape vulnerability of Munnar and its surroundings, Western Ghats, Kerala B.K Jayaprasad, R. Anil Kumar and Vincent Ferrer – International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) ISSN (Online: 2319-7064). Volume 5 Issue 10, October 2016)
  2. Temporal land use land cover change detection for the natural resource assessment and monitoring using geospatial technology – A case study from “Kannan Devan Hills” Western Ghats region of Kerala. B.K Jayaprasad &R. Anil Kumar -Indian Cartographer |Vol.35|2015, ISSN: 0972-8392 pp. 389- 394 (Published during November 2016)
  3. Chattopadhyay, S. and B. K. Jayaprasad (1985): Environmental study in parts of Cannanore district, Kerala, India and assessment of its capacity for development – a methodological approach. Geograficky Casopis, Slovensky Akademic Review, Bratislava, Rocnik 37, Cislo 2-3.
  4. Siltation analysis in the Neyyar reservoir and Forest Degradation in its catchment: a Study from Kerala State”. Environmental Geology.Volume:39,(3-4),390-397,2000. D.S Suresh Babu V. Nandakumar B.K Jayaprasad and Pramod.S
  5. A Terrain Evaluation study using GIS from Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary South Kerala Photo Nirvachak- Journal of Indian Remote Sensing, Volume-27- 253-267, 1999; D.S Suresh Babu B.K Jayaprasad and V.S Rajeev

Papers in Proceedings / Seminar Volumes/ presented:

  1. A participatory health GIS: a case study in vengannur grama panchayat, Kerala. Proc. 20th Kerala Science Congress held at Thiruvananthapuram during 28-31 January 2008, 08-14, pp 599-601 – Jayaprasad B. K, Biju Soman, Tanish Brown, Jojo Jose and Samsuddin, M
  2. Customization of health information using ESRI Map Objects: a case study fru8 om Vengannur grama panchayat, Kerala, a paper presented in the ESRI Asia-Pacific Conference, held at New Delhi- Jayaprasad B. K, Tanish Brown, Jojo Jose, M. Samsuddin and Biju Soman 2007
  3. Landscape Alteration and Landuse/Land Cover Changes in the Coastal Plain in Thiruvananthapuram Corporation-A case study using Geoinformatics. ISRS Annual convention and National Conference held at Kolkatta during 18-20 December2008, B.K Jayaprasad, K.A Santhosh and M. Samsuddin
  4. Geo-Environmental appraisal for mitigation of flash flood hazards: A case study of Karamana and Killi interfluve in the Thiruvananthapuram City. B.K Jayaprasad, IGC XIX proceedings, NAGI-1998
  5. Geo-environmental Appraisal for the Mitigation of Flash Food Hazards Using Geo Informatics – A Case Study of Karamana and Killi Interfluves in the Thiruvananthapuram City Corporation, Capital of Kerala, India Jayaprasad Bhaskarapillai Krishnapillai and Kumar R Anil, University College, Trivandrum, India, paper presented on 24th Feb 2010 during “ Problem Analysis Workshop on Integrated Water Resource Management, organized by Eurasia-Pacific Uninet in collaboration with University of Madras, Madras
  6. Resource information systems for local level development, Paper presented in the national seminar on spatial technologies for landuse planning, held at Thiruvananthapuram during 28-29 April 2008- Samsuddin M, Jayaprasad B. K and Ramchandran, K.K., 2008
  7. Evolution of Kerala coast during Cenozoic and evidences of Holocene Tectonism Proc. International workshop on Fluvial and Marine processes of Cenozoic and formation of Placers, Thiruvananthapuram, and Goa – DS Suresh Babu, Ajith G Nair and B.K Jayaprasad,2007
  8. Landscape evaluation for urban settlement planning – A case study of Thiruvananthapuram city and its environs. K Raju and B.K Jayaprasad, Kerala Science Congress 1996, Kochi, pp:65-71.
  9. Environmental mapping in parts of Cannanore district and assessment for its capacity for development- A methodological approach”- Srikumar Chattopadhyay and B.K Jayaprasad ( Paper presented in the national conference on impact of development on environment, held in Calcutta , Jan1983, organized by the Geographical Society of india
  10. Shrinking forests of Kerala- Some considerations”. Srikumar Chattopadhyay and B.K Jayaprasad. Paper presented in the forest convention held in 1982, Trivandrum.
  11. Perspective District energy plan for Thiruvananthapuram District”, presented at workshop on formulation of methodology for District plan held at CDS on 24th and 25th September, 1999) P.V Unnikrishnan K.S Hirosh Kumar B.K Jayaprasad &, V. Govindaru
  12. Application of GIS in building Land Information System for Microlevel planning ER& DC, 15th Dec, 1999; B.K Jayaprasad
  13. Evaluation of Paddy fields in the TRIDA area” – Srikumar Chattopadhyay and B.K Jayaprasad A paper prepared and submitted to the Trivandrum development Authority, during 1991,
  14. Development Document for Thiruvananthapuram City Corporation (1997), in connection with people’s Planning Programme; B.K Jayaprasad et al
  15. A proposal for an intervention in surface drainage in Thiruvananthapuram city with people’s participation, June 1998. P.V unnikrishnan, M.R Mohana Chandran, B.K Jayaprasad and Govindaru. V
  16. Application of GIS in micro level spatial planning: A case study of Kumarakom , Presented at Kumarakom in a workshop on 22 December 1999. B.K Jayaprasad and P.V Unnikrishnan